Family style may be the perfect way to eat dessert. About taking a huge dish of dessert to the table, setting it right smack dab in the center, and asking everyone to dig in, there is something fabulously fun and easy. And then, bite by sloppy, tasty bite, you can taste the pure pleasure of it all. Family memories in the making of gooey chocolate memories in this case.

This fudgy, brownie-like cake is perfect for you if you are into quick clean-up. Directly in the pan, you’ll mix up the batter, send it to the oven while you get some spoons and ice cream, then serve it to hungry mates right from the skillet. We like to mix it with coffee ice cream, which serves as a soothing complement to the rich cake but serves in your freezer with whatever taste.


• 200 gr.Of medium-sweet chocolate, grate it finely.
• 65 gr.Of sugar.
• 2 Glasses.Of milk.
• 2 Tsp.Of starch.
• A pinch of salt.


• 100 gr.Of medium-sweetened dark chocolate cubes.
• 1 Tsp.Of vanilla EXTRACT.


• Step 1- In a metal bowl, add the sugar, starch, and salt, add a cup of milk and combine the ingredients well with the hand blender until the starch is fully dissolved.

• Step 2- Then add the remaining amount of milk and whisk well until the mixture is combined, then put the bowl over medium heat and begin whisking until it thickens and starts to boil.

• Step 3- Allow the mixture to simmer for a second, stirring regularly, and then remove the mixture from the stove.

• Step 4- Pour into the mixture the grated chocolate, hold it until it melts for a minute, then swirl the mixture until it blends properly.

• Step 5- Pour the mixture into a deep tub, add the vanilla and cream, and beat the mixture until well combined, using an electric beater.

• Step 6- To the mixture, add dark chocolate cubes and stir until well dispersed, then cover the bowl with nylon paper and leave for two hours in the refrigerator, preferably overnight.

• Step 7- Pour the mixture out of the refrigerator into an ice cream machine, too.

• Step 8- And by leaving the mixing bowl in the freezer for an hour and a half, you can swap the ice cream machine for it.

• Step 9- It is withdrawn from the freezer as the mixture hits the freezing point, and whipped again with the electric paddle until the ice crystals inside it split and become like solid milk.

• Step 10- Return the bowl to the freezer and repeat the process until the ice cream has its normal form and taste, three more times.

• Step 11- Garnish with chocolate syrup and serve with ice cream from the fridge.