Melting Moments

A wonderful, inexpensive dessert without a fluffy butter that melts in the mouth, a wonderful, fluffy dessert that melts in the mouth … A candy that melts in the mouth and economical, & nutritious your children  easy to prepare and economical in a large quantity.


* the ingredients :


° 1 egg

° 250g soft butter

° 1 cup of Itay oil

° Sugar cup

°  vanilla

° 1 dessert pub

° 1.5 cups flour

° 250 g coco club (coconut)


* Steps:


We bring a dark dish, put the butter and an egg, mix them well, put the sugar and add the oil. Coco club (coconut), mix well and add vanilla and dessert yeast with a cup and a half of frena (flour or flour) or flour


The dough should be soft, soft and not crusty, we grind it with a weight of 25 g to 30 g in an oven tray.