She Applies Vicks Vaporub On Her Feet Before Bed; When You Know The Reason, You will Do The Same!

– For more than a century, people with symptoms of cold and flu have used Vicks Vaporub paint to relieve symptoms of coughing and congestion.

But it seems that there is more than one way to use this medicine as an increasing number of Vicks Vaporub users claim that they felt more benefit from the usual method of use when they wiped their feet with this paint. According to those who promoted this new method on Facebook and other Internet forums, this method is not Conventional requires wearing socks after applying Vicks before bed.

One of them called Julie said, “I did that .. the idea worked out. I put some Vicks on my feet last night because I was coughing. I had a good restful sleep.
Another woman named Claire said “I agree With Julie, I saw this advice on Facebook and tried it on my child who was having a severe cough. I think I can say it is one of the best advice I have ever read. ”

– A pharmacist named “Oxford Richardson” from North Carolina developed the Vicks paint in the nineties and named it Vick Magic after the husband of his sister, Dr. Joshua Vic, and in 1921 he renamed it Vicks Vaporub.

The use of fix paint was common during the influenza pandemic that struck America in 1918. Among the most famous components of camphor paint is oil extracted from camphor trees known to relieve coughing attacks. Camphor oil has an antibacterial effect and is also used against congestion.

* You need to know other Vicks uses among them !!
* How does Vicks Burn Fat help you ?

Cream is the main ingredient in many homes because of its multiple uses, but what we are talking about in detail about using Vicks to lose weight and improve the appearance of the body in the fastest time, especially belly fat. Many spas use various ingredients in the wrapping to burn fat and claim that it tightens the skin and aids in weight loss and has become one of the popular treatments for slimming wrapping. Now you can do your own spa at home with a plastic wrap and Vicks. This process involves wrapping the abdomen with a plastic bag and applying Vicks

In other words, Vicks have the ability to fight the accumulation of fat and get rid of cellulite accumulated in the stomach and the appearance of stretch marks and the tissue becomes more flexible.
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